Maintenance Technician Assistant-Lexington

Division: Lexington, TN

230 Budcrocket Dr, Lexington


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Ability to read and interpret schematics and familiarity with PLCs is preferred. Must have effective oral & written communication skills, team player, detail oriented, and the ability to handle multiple priorities in a deadline driven environment.

2. Troubleshoots production computers and automated equipment; reads and interprets complex blueprints, ladder logic, computer schematics and controls.

3. Completes high priority work within specified time limits.

4. Confers with tool room personnel and product development department on automated design projects and other special projects.

5 Fabricates and modifies machines, tools, and auxiliary equipment to manufacture new products or improve existing jobs.

6. Understands the basics of ergonomics and refers to that science when building and repairing tables, counters, benches and chairs.

7. Maintains utility systems to provide continuous supply of heat, steam, electric power, gas, or air required for operations.

8. Installation of electrical equipment and any repair or replacement necessary to wiring and electrical fixtures. Understands how to safely work with electrical components up to 480 volts.

9. Makes routine, periodic, or special inspections to determine repair and maintenance work necessary to prevent breakdowns of machinery and equipment.

10. Rebuilds machines and overhauls troublesome components and attachments involving dismantling, inspection and replacement of parts. Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, and other parts of machinery.

11. Lays out, assembles, installs, and maintains pipe systems and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and repairs and replaces gauges, valves, pressure regulators, and related equipment.

12. Operates cutting torch or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts.

13. Provides ideas to improve operations, conditions of machines and equipment, minimize operating costs, and effect greater utilization of labor and material.

14. Confers with Maintenance Manager to resolve maintenance problems.

15. Maintains clean and safe work areas.

16. May be responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of walls, floors, woodwork, and fixtures in the facility, to include painting, scrubbing/washing/sterilizing/cleaning, patching, repairing, etc. The cleanliness and overall appearance of bathrooms, break room, offices, and all garbages in the facility will be tended on a systematic basis by the Maintenance Manager through delegation.

17. Receives ongoing training, orientation and career development for continued improvement of work performance.

Education and/or Experience:

Associate's degree or equivalent from 2 year institute and 2 years related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. 

Work Schedule:

3rd Shift